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Alice Springs Event Photography



Alice Springs event photography for professional images at your next event. Galas to graduations, lunches to launches, no function too small or too large. I’ll capture every moment for you, and have key images ready for delivery immediately if you need them – the full set available for delivery quickly.


What to expect?

Professional and friendly, I’ll capture a mix of natural candid images and posed group / social photos for you, plus any specific requirements you have. I can be politely and respectfully authoritative when needed (for example we all know what it’s like herding people together for a group photo!)


I always have two cameras at my hip, so I can capture every moment, including a mix of wide venue / crowd overview shots and close ups. My aim is to always be as unobtrusive as possible while remaining friendly and happy to mix and mingle with your guests for social and group photos.


Silent shooting

I’m very happy to say that I can now usually shoot completely silently using my mirrorless cameras (thank you technology!) which is a huge benefit shooting in quiet rooms, speakers or performances. Just another way I can capture your event as unobtrusively as possible!